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Why Should I Buy a Luxury Watch?

As we have mentioned many times before, purchasing a luxury watch is not about spending money, but about making an investment.  Nowadays is easy to buy and sell pre-owned luxury watches online (as long as you do it through a reputable company such as 300watches), and that turns pre-owned luxury watches into a really good investment as these watches tend to keep their value.  Buying a luxury watch is somehow similar to buying a car; you must do some research and choose the car and dealership options that best suit you, but the process is quite simple and enjoyable.

Before you buy your dream watch you must decide what features you want in it, this way it will be easier to find it.  You can choose a gold watch, with diamonds on the bezel or on the dial, or maybe with rubies and/or emeralds, or maybe even without gemstones.  Maybe you will fancy a sports watch (how about a diving watch?) or even a skeleton or a watch with moon phases.  Also you can choose a vintage one, or select a specific brand such as Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer or Chanel.

If you want to be extra exclusive, you can choose materials such as ceramics or titanium, and maybe get a tourbillion watch with sub-dials, a chronograph or a chronometer.  Want more? You can choose more than just the looks or the materials of the watch; you can also select the movement.  Your watch can have either a quartz or an automatic movement.

Luxury watches with all the extras can be quite expensive, but you can get a better price if you look at the pre-owned watch market.  Don’t assume that pre-owned or used is synonymous with an inferior or damaged product.  A reputable second hand dealer will offer an authenticated watch that is in perfect condition and that looks as good as new, but at a price that may be half or less than half of the price of a new model. You can even get two watches instead of just one!

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