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Son of the Dragon – Mystical Luxury Watch by Peren

The story of the Peren Son of the Dragon luxury watch has its roots deeply embedded in the mythology of the well-known Transylvania region located in Romania. Emerging from the haze of that mystical land, this hand-made Swiss watch is the ultimate timepiece created as a tribute to Vlad Dracula, the greatest Transylvanian Prince known as Son of the Dragon.

Peren Son of the Dragon

After the amazing success of the first Peren high-end luxury watches introduced in 2014, Andy Bica, a descendant of a noble Transylvanian dynasty and a founder of Peren Watches, teamed up with a Swiss watchmaking company with over 30 years of experience to produce the ultimate piece of designer watches developed and hand-assembled in-house in Biel/Bienne. Thus, the Son of the Dragon is a unique luxury watch that combines the Transylvanian mythology with the best Swiss watchmaking traditions preserved throughout generations. Moreover, it is truly an eye-catching wrist watch with an incredible moon phase indicator that sets it apart from the crowd. Let’s see why!

Peren Son of the Dragon

After spending more than a year in collaboration with the famous Red Dott award winning designers, Peren has managed to create a revolutionary luxury watch with chronograph that is distinguished by an outstanding integrated moon phase indicator inspired by the spellbinding Blood Moon phenomenon. In fact, the whole design of the Son of the Dragon model is thought to detail. Thus, its double layered dial with fang-shaped excisions over the red indexes was printed at the same Swiss company that is used by such renowned luxury watch brands such as Zenith, Omega, and Tudor. Besides, its embossed bat-shaped inner dial is carved with wooden horizontal lines pattern that pays tribute to the Transylvanian mythology on the whole and Vlad Dracula in particular. Another key element of the distinguishing Son of the Dragon design is two hemicycles inspired by the medieval Transylvanian castles with apertures for the date indicator at the 12 o’clock position and the moon phase indicator located right under the Peren Transylvania inscription at 6 o’clock. The model’s logo in its turn pays homage to the Dragon sign that can be found on the Vlad Dracula’s house at his birthplace in Sighisoara, a beautiful town in the heart of Transylvania.

Peren Son of the Dragon

The Son of the Dragon moon phase wrist watch is equipped with a Swiss made ISA 8171 quartz movement that operates similar to the mechanical movement thanks to its patented double rotor providing a smooth motion to the central chronograph hand. By the way, this hand with a counterweight Peren logo in red color harmoniously fits into the overall design of the luxury watch. It is also worth noting that the model is available in high-quality surgical grade stainless steel, as well as in its bold all-black version. Therefore, this stunning piece of brand new watches that comes at a very moderate price is ready to withstand the harness of time while telling its own mystical story.

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